Tuesday, January 5, 2010

THANK YOU! We appreciate all the love and support from all!

Esme has been loved by so many, and her arrival was anticipated by many. We are so grateful to all the creative energy that was poured into making Esme feel at home. It all started with Kay, She made the cute little canvas with the E on it. Matt, James's long time friend, and now close neighbor, made the canvas that is above Esme's Crib. Caroline, my sister, made the little birdie canvases on either side of the E canvas. We chose the bedding and then everyone created a room that is so sweet, THANK YOU!!!!
Our friend Melanie made a heart photo album that is super cute.
James's sales team presented Him with a diaper cake. We have received many other gifts and we haven't even had a shower yet. MANY THANKS TO ALL!!!!

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