Tuesday, June 29, 2010

4 Wheelers are always fun in Montana!

...even when they aren't turned on:)

Finding Shade in the Back Yard

It was a perfect week for a family reunion. It was nice to be outside from morning until evening.

Pic Nic in Helena

After a very memorable 2 hour "Gates of the Mountains" boat tour, where Esme screamed her head off and Jordan yacked off the back of the boat to feed the fish, and we learned all sorts of educational information about the Missouri River (I felt bad for the rest of the passengers!) We went to a park near the Capital and Reid and Mishel's house in Helena. This is our happy baby after a very sad boat ride!

Visiting Great Grandma and Auntie Ann at the Cabin

Some of my favorite memories of the cabin are the buttercups and the dry pine needles that are scattered all through the woods at the cabin. Grandma used to have me go pick buttercups and other wild flowers, she would find an antique blue or green colored glass vase or pitcher where we would put the pretty buttercups. Esme tried to eat the buttercups the whole time, I guess she took butter quite literally.This picture was the closest one of the kids actually looking at me.
Esme with her GREAT grandma Stovall. We enjoyed spending some time outside and then went to Arrowleaf in W. Yellowstone.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Fall City Days Parade

We went to see Meg cheer at the Parade in Fall City. We watched the parade with the Jacobs. Here are a few of our pictures.

Our Bird

It looks like we have a repeat visitor from last year. When I was watering our hanging baskets on the porch, this mama bird yelled at me, and sure enough, she has built a nest in our basket.

Esme and Stanley

It has been so rainy here these days, that we took advantage of a few dry hours to sit on the lawn and eat some sweet potato baby food. Esme and Stanley enjoyed the grass and chilling out.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This week's Pic's

Esme is such a happy girl. A funny story about this outfit. Her "auntie" Stephanie found such a cute little summer dress. Esme isn't quite 6 months, and this is sized "9 months" but I had to stretch out the sleeves so I could fit her arms through!