Monday, September 27, 2010

Craft night with the Jacob's

Eden and Sophie came over and made pictures out of apples and paint. Esme was just happy to have the girls over.

It's no surprise Esme likes to eat!

Here is breakfast of Sweet Potato's, cheerio's and she chased it all down with a bottle.
I gave Esme a pear, and she gnawed on it forever. She really likes to eat. She hasn't turned down anything yet.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Video Baby Monitor

We got this awesome baby monitor from the science department when I worked at IJH. It is fun to see what Esme is doing, even watching her sleep is quite a treat!

Missing the Sunny Days

I didn't get any new pictures this week:( It has been a bit rainy and we are missing the sunshine!

Monday, September 13, 2010

So cute...

Anything with ruffles on the buns are ridiculously cute!
Not to mention the cute baby in the jammies is ridiculously cute!

Esme and Stanley...again

I like her little brown sweater, it makes her look so grown up.

Esme's Giggle

At night Esme gets a little punchy, because she isn't sure if she is happy or tired. But it's sure fun. It takes a little time to download so be a little patient.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Esme's First camping and Fishing trip

This is our annual fly fishing trip to the Big Horn River in Montana. Everyone set up camp before we arrived and Tricia got us some baby essentials, including a pac n play for Esme to hang out. We thought Esme was such a trooper. She loves to be outside and is pretty content with the camping experience. She didn't mind the dirt and the weather as much as her mom did!

This is Esme in her pac n play. You can see her little sheep skin in the bottom. We got that for her so that she wouldn't get cold at night in the tent. She slept like a usual!

Fishing the Big Horn!

Fly-Fishing in Montana is always fun. Esme was surrounded by lots of love on this trip. She didn't love her life vest, but she and her grandma managed to float down the river with Uncle Reid and Auntie Mishel on her first float of the Big Horn River. Everyone caught fish that was fishing, so that is good:) I thought I would indulge James and myself by including fish pictures.