Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Blog

Hey everyone, this is James. I am going to create a new blog that is tied to my email address. It will be www.lapiccolabella1.blogspot.com. I will try my best to keep up with Paige's lofty standards but I hope you will all move over and follow the life of Esme on the new blog...Love you all.

Monday, November 29, 2010


Esme enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving with some of her many cousins and her Grandma and Grandpa Cahoon!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Mess maker

With all of her new moves, one of Esme's best moves these days is taking everything out of everything. The kitchen is worse, and Stanley gets excited when she pulls out the leash, like she is going to take him for a walk or something.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday, November 1, 2010

At Minh and Jim's for Eli's birthday

Eli's birthday is on Halloween, so we went over to spend our Halloween with them. This is Maddy, she is one, and about half the size of Esme.

Esme Pumpkin

We decided to make an Esme Pumpkin. We carved big eyes, put on long eyelashes and put toothpicks in for "sticky - up" hair, and put in 3 bottom teeth.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


One of my favorite things is to get who ever we visit matching outfits. Here is Sophie and Shelby, looking pretty cute in their matching jammies that Esme has too.


So we start the day fully dressed. She had tights and some bloomers to go along with this dress. By the end of the day, I give up. But, I like the fact that her legs are so cute, and that she is so brave to be walking all over the place as long as she has a hold of something, and that you can see some Cheerio's have made it into the living room too.

Pool time in Scottsdale

This is my favorite. Olive, Joss, Jackson and Esme enjoying the pool in October!Esme with her dad in the pool.

Esme officially on Zoo Tour...

Esme has been to a Zoo of some sort at least 4 times... however, it was pretty sweet to see the zoo with her cousins in Arizona. Here we are at the Phoenix Zoo. I love Olive's face. Jackson, Joss, Esme and Olive.Giraffes are pretty cool!
Which one is the monkey?
Jackson and Joss in a turtle shell. Cowabunga!

Unplanned trip to the A. Z.

When James's plans fell through for a trip to Arizona, he booked a ticket using sky miles, and we were off to Arizona in the same day. One of the days we went to Old Town Scottsdale.Esme needed to have a picture next to the Cactus!

First trip to In and Out Burger...I am sure there will be many more in her future.

Pumpkins with Kate, Meg and Jane

We went to another pumpkin patch with Aunt Kay Kay and the girls last Monday.

Monday, October 18, 2010


Esme is on the move! Cruising is what it is called when they practically walk everywhere holding on to something. Here she is opening cabinets. So tricky.

This is how our little spider baby makes it around the house. She walks and holds on to the walls, cabinets, couches, basically whatever she can to move from point a to b to c to b to c to a...she is always on the move. I just took this little video today, the "Prince of Bel Aire" just happened to be on my ipod as it shuffled through all the songs I have.

Our "bug" is a bug!

My friend Stephanie and I went on a pumpkin adventure with our kids to the pumpkin patch. The first patch we tried, didn't work out, so we went to another "patch" where we ended up arranging the pumpkins we bought, in a field and took some photo's that way. Stephanie was a great photographer, and Esme hit her pumpkin thresh hold pretty quickly. But we did get some cute photo's.

Esme is show and tell at school

Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

This is how Esme did most of the walk. Asleep. With her dad's rain jacket on her legs. This was Making Strides for Breast Cancer, a 5 K walk.Dr. Crossland, James, Me and Esme at the Overlake Tent before the 5 K walk. The Overlake team was called the "Dose Busters" headed by our fearless leader Sherri. It was pretty rainy when we got there, but about 10 minutes into the walk the rain practically left us, and we had a great walk.
After the walk we got a group picture of the folks we could round up:) Irene, Darren, Bella, Sherri, Me, Esme Dr. Crossland, and Judy.
We put Esme in everything pink.

Hanging out at home

Esme loves to flip through her books.
This is James and Esme watching her video on our computer. Esme thinks the little girl on the video is pretty cute.

Monday, October 4, 2010

To the Zoo with Anders Too!

Esme with the Goat.
Esme and Anders.
Me and Esme at the Flamingo Exhibit.
Me and Esme at the Elephant Exhibit.

Front Yard

Here you can see how proud of herself Esme is by pulling herself up.
As soon as Esme can get a hold of me, she pulls herself up on my legs. She is doing a lot of "cruising" which is getting around by holding on to things, like my legs, the ottoman, and the couches.
Esme hangs out with me while I pull weeds in the yard. She really enjoys being outside, and we take advantage of any sunny day.

Esme's 0 - 9 month Youtube video

James put Esme's first Youtube video together. We could watch it all the time all day long, but if you have 9 minutes you can watch it too:)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Craft night with the Jacob's

Eden and Sophie came over and made pictures out of apples and paint. Esme was just happy to have the girls over.

It's no surprise Esme likes to eat!

Here is breakfast of Sweet Potato's, cheerio's and she chased it all down with a bottle.
I gave Esme a pear, and she gnawed on it forever. She really likes to eat. She hasn't turned down anything yet.