Monday, August 30, 2010

Stanley and Esme

Sleeping Sideways

Sometimes it is fun to see which direction Esme is in when she wakes up from her naps.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Esme's super strong leggies!

Esme has now learned to stand with a little help from an ottoman, couch, or her mom and dad.

Grandma sent Esme this onesie.

Esme's Grandma is wanted by Esme in Washington.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Super Smile Pictures

Esme can get really excited!

Church Outfit #3

Before church on Sunday with her mom and dad.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Esme and her People

Our favorite person is Esme, and luckily she thinks we are pretty great too. James is watching the Red Sox with E, and me and E are showing off our green outfits. Esme is wearing her Top Pot Donut onesie:)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Swan Boats, Boston Garden

(Just a little note, this is such a big post you have to go to older posts down at the bottom to see all the fun we had on the East Coast.)
Getting ready for the awesome ride on the Swan Boat...Libby is a goofball!
Taking a Swan Boat where "Make way for Ducklings" was set.
Will as a leopard.

"One, if by land, and two if by sea."

We were waiting outside Paul Revere's house with Steve's family.
Esme being cute.
In the Old North church.

Freedom Trail

This was part of the Cahoon Family Parade through Boston as we followed the Freedom Trail.
Connor was very sweet with Esme. Every time the stroller stopped, her cousins came to visit her. She is such a lucky girl.

Go Red Sox!

Esme made it until the 5th inning. It was a great night, we are so glad we came. If you look closely at Esme in the last picture, you can see why we left before "Sweet Caroline" in the 8th.

Abbs and Kay Kay

This picture was so cute I just had to put it on the blog!

Smuggler's Notch and Jeffersonville, VT

We hiked up to this little lake at Smuggler's notch. Sasha as always was our fearless leader, and it was a good morning hike on Tuesday.We went to this cute little town called Jeffersonville. Esme is having a little lunch and Emma is keeping us company!

Mike's House in Norwich

Jane, Madds, Mike, Nana, and Esme.Nana, Esme, Kay and Jane.
Kate with a frog caught down at the pond.
Maddy's artistic shot of Esme with her feet in the grass.


A trip to the East Coast is never complete without a stop to Dunkin Donuts. We picked up the Krivanec girls and stopped for some breakfast on our way up to Vermont.

In Belmont at Steve and Steph's

Libby was a great cousin to Esme. She always took good care of her.