Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thank You Inglewood!

I am truly humbled by the amount of support that I have received over the years working at Inglewood. I feel like I have worked with the worlds finest, happiest, good looking, and good hearted teachers. Thanks for making my time at Inglewood so great. It was amazing all the books people brought to the shower, and Heidi was kind enough to host it in her home. I appreciated the "stories" that came with the stories. I am also impressed by the creativity of Kathy, Joyce, Heidi on making the cutest quilts around. I love things that are made with love. Also I have some scrapbooking pages to put into a scrap book for Esme thanks to Heidi...again. I don't know what I would do with out that one! I took a picture of all the loot Esme scored at her shower, there were more than 50 books, and a splash of cute outfits and the always needed onesies. And lets not forget the " tickle monster mitts" Thanks to all!

Party Outfit

This is what Esme decided to wear to her shower today:) She looks a little loopy here, but she was sleepy...Esme was very engaging at her shower, and she was on her best behavior, being her sweet, calm, good natured self.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Walk on the Ridge

There is something so cute about bundling up our little Bundle. On Saturday while the boys went to Avitar, Me Kay, Meg, Jane and Esme went for a walk. Kay has a super stroller that lets the baby lay down and sleep during the walk. It was a fun trip.

At the Jacob's

We are so lucky to know such cute kids! August, Eden and Sophie are so nice to Esme.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Big Yawn, a walk, and a stretch

We got a new camera and were trying to get some good action shots of Esme. We got a big yawn. (She is wearing her designer jammies from her Aunt Chris). We went for a walk with a wrappy thing that we strapped to me, and I wore James's coat to keep her snuggly warm. Then we got her in a peaceful stretched out sleep in a cute one piece hoodie.

Thanks Melanie for a photo shoot of our favorite baby!

These are some of my favorites that Melanie took. We just think Esme is the cutest!


Thanks to my science department that gave us a video baby monitor, Esme sleeps in her crib at night. She is wrapped in her miracle blanket, bundled up like a burrito, and then we place her on the blanket from her tummy mama that is nice and tight on the mattress, then we put another snuggly blanket on top that we tuck into the sides of the crib for a nice snug night sleep.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More Pictures of Esme

Today Esme went to my friend Melanie's house for a photo shoot. I took a couple of pictures. I also have her sleeping in her tub, while I take a bath I swaddle her up, and she just hangs out.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

James and Esme Bonding

I love to capture the moments that Esme gets to spend with her dad. He is good at feeding her, changing her, dressing her, cuddling her, and loving her. I love our family.

Interesting Facts!

Strong Neck.
Esme can push her self up on her hands. Like she is doing a push up. You can see that her head is upright. We are so proud of her talents:) James thinks she will be walking any day!

Long Fingers.
We are also impressed with her long fingers.

Bath Time

A few nights ago, Esme's cord came off her belly button. I was so excited because I knew she could come in the tub with me. I didn't have to worry so much about keeping the cord dry. When my co-workers purchased a baby monitor from babies r us, we also got a bath temperature turtle that tells you when the water is too hot or too cold. So I was really happy when she was able to bath with me. She loved it. She is very float-y.

Stanley and Esme

Stanley is trying to figure out why he is now #4 in our pack. He is very sweet with Esme, but also wants to sit in my lap when she is in my lap. Before I let Stanley check out Esme, I made sure that he got a bath and a haircut. Luckily, I am able to stay home, so he doesn't have to be outside in the cold with such a short haircut.

Family Picture

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Esme's Room Decor

See explanation below.

THANK YOU! We appreciate all the love and support from all!

Esme has been loved by so many, and her arrival was anticipated by many. We are so grateful to all the creative energy that was poured into making Esme feel at home. It all started with Kay, She made the cute little canvas with the E on it. Matt, James's long time friend, and now close neighbor, made the canvas that is above Esme's Crib. Caroline, my sister, made the little birdie canvases on either side of the E canvas. We chose the bedding and then everyone created a room that is so sweet, THANK YOU!!!!
Our friend Melanie made a heart photo album that is super cute.
James's sales team presented Him with a diaper cake. We have received many other gifts and we haven't even had a shower yet. MANY THANKS TO ALL!!!!

Washed hair, no bow.

Today after Esme's Bath, I just towel-dried her hair with no bow...It sticks up everywhere and I think it is pretty cute...Also I have a picture of Esme doing "Tummy Time" with her poky hair. She was not happy about it, but I think it is good to see all the faces of ESME!

Bath Time

Esme hates Bath Time. But we like her to be clean and smell good! I am only putting the picture on that will keep Esme's modest nature in tact.

Outfits and Blankies!

Ashley was always on the lookout for cute things for Esme. Here she is in a dress from her Tummy Mama, on her blanket From her Tummy Mama.

Happy New Year!

We spent bringing in the New Year quietly at home with our little Esme. We were so happy to have her home and we look forward to 2010 with our little one.