Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

This is how Esme did most of the walk. Asleep. With her dad's rain jacket on her legs. This was Making Strides for Breast Cancer, a 5 K walk.Dr. Crossland, James, Me and Esme at the Overlake Tent before the 5 K walk. The Overlake team was called the "Dose Busters" headed by our fearless leader Sherri. It was pretty rainy when we got there, but about 10 minutes into the walk the rain practically left us, and we had a great walk.
After the walk we got a group picture of the folks we could round up:) Irene, Darren, Bella, Sherri, Me, Esme Dr. Crossland, and Judy.
We put Esme in everything pink.

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  1. Love breast cancer awareness! Love your doctor! Love you and your family! Hooray for PINK!