Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Visiting Great Grandma and Auntie Ann at the Cabin

Some of my favorite memories of the cabin are the buttercups and the dry pine needles that are scattered all through the woods at the cabin. Grandma used to have me go pick buttercups and other wild flowers, she would find an antique blue or green colored glass vase or pitcher where we would put the pretty buttercups. Esme tried to eat the buttercups the whole time, I guess she took butter quite literally.This picture was the closest one of the kids actually looking at me.
Esme with her GREAT grandma Stovall. We enjoyed spending some time outside and then went to Arrowleaf in W. Yellowstone.

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  1. I love the memory you shared about picking buttercups. How special for you to get to visit your grandma again with Esme.