Friday, May 7, 2010

We are Legal!!! Esme's Day in Court

Today was our special Day. It is sunny and bright. Esme was a perfect angel and was pleasant all morning. She got a bath this morning so she could feel her freshest and cleanest and best. She was looking her best with a sweet little dress and blue shoes and a bow in her hair. We picked up Kay on the way to the courthouse. There was another family there adopting a little girl too. The courtroom was small and the judge was nice. The attorney that represented us was named Andrew. He was very nice too. The actual event lasted only about 5 minutes in front of the Judge. We got some pictures with him behind his desk, then we got the official documents that name James and me Esme's parents. It was a great day!


  1. That is WONDERFUL! We are so happy for you guys!

  2. YAHOO!!! i love daisies, i love peanut butter, i love birthdays, and i love love love baby esme!!!