Saturday, December 26, 2009

First Road trip,,,

Adoption has some interesting things that go along with it. One of those things is that if you adopt a baby in a state that you do not live in you have to receive clearance to leave that state. To receive clearance you need to have paperwork submitted and reviewed in the state that the child is born in and your home state. In our case Idaho and Washington. Sometimes this paperwork can take up to two weeks. With the holidays right in the middle of this process for us we were preparing for a long stay in Idaho Falls. But with the prayers and faith of many, and the hard work of others we were cleared to leave the state less than 48 hours after Esme was born. This meant that we were able to go Paige's family Christmas...which has been a great blessing. Here are a few pic's of our stop in West Yellowstone and our time so far in Bozeman.

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  1. Paige we are so happy for you and your family - I loved our first Christmas with our little girl and I am sure yours was just as special! I can't wait to meet her in person. Love - Shannon (Brandon and Caitlyn)